Johannesburg Earthquake - 21 June 2014

At about 17.30 I saw a number of retweets from @Abramjee about earth tremors being felt in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area:

Joburgers are you feeling this earth tremors?! #scared #johannesburg

— natasha stander (@iamtashastander) June 21, 2014

Just felt 3 tremors in my area of #mayfair west, #Johannesburg now. Did you? May ALLAH TA’ALA PROTECT US FROM ALL CALAMITIES. […]

Botswana Earthquake - 9 May 2014

When I went online this morning I saw some comments on my Twitter timeline suggesting they had felt an earthquake in the Gaborone area.

First hit from Google didn’t show anything, but it’s unclear how the site sources it’s data, and also no information regarding possible magnitude of this morning’s event.  It does show that the […]